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(604) 888-8825
#7, 20349 88 Ave.
        Langley City, BC V1M 1E6
Tue-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm
        Monday Closed       

Our dishes are an explosion of aroma and savor!

Offering a Completely New Culinary Experience!


Mokran Restaurant

Korean-Chinese Delicacies in Langley Walnut Grove

We Spice Up Our Food with Emotions to Serve Soul Satisfying Korean-Chinese Delicacies
At Mokran, we discover the best taste, flavors, and recipes by sustaining the true essence of Korean-Chinese cuisine. With us, you can experience a whole new world of spices, flavors, recipes, sizzles, colors, and aroma. We prepare delicious food with secret ingredients and passion for this cuisine. With us, thousands of gourmands cherish the beauty and feel the inner satisfaction of enjoying delicious food. Mokran has amazing dishes that stimulate your senses to nourish and inspire your soul with every bite. Our philosophy is simple - why serve something that you have eaten a million times when we can offer you a platter with refreshing flavors? But, we have never hampered the authenticity of this cuisine. We have improvised its intensity by serving it at our restaurants. Our chefs are passionate about Korean-Chinese food, so they only serve food that is par excellence. The soul of our dishes is the freshness and the right balance of flavors. At Mokran, we promote this idea - Food is not just about culture: it is connected with internal peace and love. We believe in simplicity, and this clearly reflects in our food. No fancy fluff, it's simple, yet savory food. Mokran is a place where you can enjoy great food and create memories that last forever. We have an interesting and extensive Korean-Chinese food menu, which has been designed while keeping all food lovers in mind. Mokran is a dining spot where you share the taste of food that redefines an authentic gourmet. Our dishes are an explosion of aroma and savor! Mokran ? Offering a Completely New Culinary Experience!